Below is some information about the missionaries Gospel Baptist Church supports.


In order to protect sensitive information, there may not be equal amounts of details supplied for each missionary on this page. All current prayer letters and additional information on all of our missionaries will be available when you attend Gospel Baptist Church. Thank you for understanding!

Our Missionaries to Ireland

The Kelly Family

Tallaght, CO. Dublin
Tallaght, CO. Dublin

The Kellys are our representatives of Christ to those struggling with addictions. Brother Kelly is the founder and current head of New Hope Residential Centre in Tallaght, CO. Dublin.

Recent Praises:

– Many professions of faith and several baptisms this year

Current Prayer Requests:

– Pray for our sons to develop their own walk with Jesus 

– Lorcan seizures and educational needs

– Spiritual needs of the residents

– Hearts and minds would be open to the saving gospel message

– Paul as he begins his ministry on staff

– Sean as he moves on from staff and begins a new life with his bride Sinead

Our Missionaries Around the World

The Kiss Family

Budapest, Hungary
Budapest, Hungary

The Kisses are our representatives of Christ to those in Budapest. Pastor Kiss is the planter and current pastor of Living Water Baptist Church in Budapest, Hungary.

Recent Praises:

– Relatives came to baby Denes baby dedication including 2 great grandmothers 

– Aniko accepted Christ as her Savior

– A team from Germany came for Resurrection Sunday and ministered to the church through special music and preaching

– Every seat was filled and we enjoyed the highest attendance ever 

– Daniel had great success in his piano competitions

Current Prayer Requests:

– Please pray for Aniko’s spiritual growth

– Follow up with new visitors from Resurrection Sunday 

– Pray for us as parents as we seek to raise our children in the nurture and admonition of the Lord

The Fausto D’Amelio Family

Foggia, Italy
Budapest, Hungary

The D’Amelios are our representatives of Christ to those in Foggia. Pastor D’Amelio is a pastor in Foggia, Italy.

Recent Praises:

– After 12 years of marriage we are expecting! 

Current Prayer Requests:

– Pray that everything will be okay during the pregnancy

The Williams Family

Tegucigalpa, Honduras
Budapest, Hungary

The Williams are our representatives of Christ to those in Tegucigalpa. Pastor Williams is a church planter in Tegucigalpa, Hungary.

Recent Praises:

– New Christian family joining the church

– Carmen had her second procedure and is healed with no regrowth

Current Prayer Requests:

– That former members will return to Christ

– That the new family joining would fulfill the same purpose for which God has led them here

– A young adult man would take the next step of Baptism

– A young adult man is now having to work every Sunday. Pray that he would remain spiritually strong and that God would provide employment allowing him to return to church 

The Calin Family

Sibiu, Romania
Sibiu, Romania

The Calins are our representatives of Christ to those in Sibiu. Pastor Stefan Calin is the planter and current pastor of Grace Independent Baptist Church Sibiu in Sibiu, Romania.

Current Prayer Requests:

– Due to Sandra’s poor health and need for dialysis and kidney transplant, the Lord is moving us to Portugal

– Pray that this move will happen as soon as possible so that Sandra can receive her operations quickly

– Pray for a good and inexpensive moving company and for funds for moving

– Pray that our house will sell in a timely manner