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Would A Just God Send Sinners To Hell?


Ireland was shaken by the unfolding of a horrific story, whereby a 40-year old mother of six was convicted of ten counts of sexual abuse and gross neglect of her children. Under current legislation, though the maximum penalty for men is a life sentence, the district court could only impose the maximum penalty of seven years imprisonment because the legislation concerning women is 100 years out of date.

One in Four, a victims support organisation, immediately called for reform of the current legislation because most believe that justice was not served on that day. The penalty did not match the severity of the crime.

This event illustrates the need for appropriate justice. The justice of God is clearly expressed by the reality of an eternal hell. Matthew 25:41 teaches that hell was prepared for the devil and his angels. Satan is responsible for our being tempted to sin and he is the driving force behind all the evil in the world. It is completely inconceivable that the crimes we read about would escape the notice of a just God, and that He would allow them to go unpunished.

On the contrary, the perfect holiness of God demands justice when crimes are committed against Him (as He views all criminal activity as being against Him). However, there is one thing we must truly understand: God is perfectly just and we, as sinful human beings are not. If we are appalled by crimes like murder, abuse, and violence, how much more is an infinitely holy God. We cannot see things from His perspective until we understand how much He hates criminal activity that the Bible calls sin.

According to the Scriptures, blasphemy, dishonour of parents, lying, stealing, greed, immorality and bowing before statues are terrible crimes against God. The 10 commandments, as given in Exodus 20:3-17, make this reveals this evidence. Romans 3:10 clarifies that all have sinned and all are guilty of these crimes. James 2:10 explains that no one is excluded from guilt. Before we baulk at the justice of God, we must remember that He is infinitely holy and His standard of righteousness is infinitely higher than ours. Perfect justice demands hell for every man but His marvellous mercy and grace has providedsalvation through the Lord Jesus Christ.

Would a just God send sinners to an eternal hell? Absolutely! If He did not, He would fail in His justice. God be thanked though for His mercy and grace whereby He offers forgiveness through the Lord Jesus Christ.

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