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Where Did I Come From?


When all the philosophical and scientific statements are boiled down, we are left with basically two opinions as to where we came from:

  1. Intelligent Design
  2. Unintelligent Design

Unintelligent Design
Let us consider the second option. Unintelligent Design is the hypothesis that the universe began with a giant (understatement) explosion of compressed matter no bigger than the full stop at the end of this sentence. The “.” exploded with such precision that out of it came an incredibly ordered universe resulting in our galaxy, among millions of others, which have planets rotating and orbiting around a main body, ours being the sun. Let us be clear that such order has never since come from an explosion, and by the laws of probability, will never again come. Scientifically stated, the Unintelligent Design theory is neither observable nor provable, therefore, it is not even qualified to be considered even a theory!

According to the UD idea, out of that Big Bang came life and intelligence. Out of the void of chaos, disorder and nothingness “evolved” beings called humans who are very distinct from every other species on planet earth. They are born into a world that has the perfect chemical makeup to be able to sustain life. Man has intellect, emotion and will, and he also has a conscience by which he can determine morality.


Furthermore, there is something embedded within him that desires to worship a higher being. Not only does Unintelligent Design, commonly called Evolution, defy the scientific First and Second laws of Thermodynamics, it also defies common sense, and should be relegated to books of myth rather than science books. Unintelligent Design is really an unintelligent idea.

Intelligent Design

Intelligent Design (ID) is based on the reasonable and logical supposition that design reveals a Designer, creation declares a Creator, and the fact that there is intelligence means that there has to be an intelligent source behind it all.

Although ID fails to recognise who the Designer or Creator is, Christians realise that He has declared Himself through the Holy Scriptures, the Bible, and He wants to have a personal relationship with those whom He has created. Simply put, God loves His creation.

Please see article about “Why am I here?” for further discussion on this subject


First Law of Thermodynamics: Matter is neither created nor destroyed. It is merely converted from one form to another. Evolution basically says out of nothing (no Creator, no First Cause) came matter and order. Such a belief is unscientific.

Second Law of Thermodynamics: Everything naturally moves from order to disorder. The common illustration of this is the bedroom or office (it does not clean itself!). The gist of this law is that the universe is winding down. Evolution, contrary to science, teaches that man is at the highest point of the evolutionary chain and the universe evolved to its current state from total disorder. The Second Law of Thermodynamics completely contradicts evolution