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News and Announcements

News and Activities

Saturday, 7 June

Leaflets 1st. Meet at GBC at 11:30am.

Saturday, 7 June

Teen Rally at LBBC, Tallaght. 2-5pm, E5 each

Sunday, 8 June

Baptism(s) after church in river

Sunday, 8 June

Lord’s Supper at 5:30pm

Sunday, 8 June

Teachers meeting for HBC after Lord’s Table

Saturday, 21st June

Missions Conference Men’s meeting, 10am

Saturday-Sunday, June 21-22

Missions Conference with Bro McKinley

Saturday, June 28

Decorating church for HBC. Meet 10am for snack

Note: The building fund is on-going. Just place offerings in marked envelope.

Upcoming Events…

Tues—Fri, July 1-4

Holiday Bible Camp, 6-8:30pm at church

Saturday, 12 July

Men’s meeting, 10am with Bro Evan Williams

Sunday, 13 July

Evening service fellowship with Bro Evan Williams

Tues—Fri, July 14-19

Victory Camp for young people and teens, E125