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New Here?

Dear guest,

We realise that when people come to visit Gospel Baptist Church for the first time, it may be the first time they have ever entered into the building of a Baptist church. The first question that may come to the minds of many is, “What should I expect?”

Such a reasonable question deserves a reasonable answer.

First, Gospel Baptist Church is a church that reflects the community of Lucan which is multinational. The community of Lucan has people from all over the world, and our church is representative with among our Irish congregation, people from the Philippines, the African continent, Latvia, USA, Brazil and Spain.

Secondly, Gospel Baptist Church also reflects both the Christian and the traditional Lucan community spirit which is friendly. Visitors should expect a handshake and a smile, as our congregation is glad to warmly receive others from the community or other communities.

Thirdly, Gospel Baptist Church is a church that cares for their visitors. Those who come for the first time should expect a small welcome package. We would like to know how we can serve you, so we include as part of the package a form whereby visitors can let us know of any spiritual needs that they may have. Please feel free to fill that out and at your convenience, hand it to one of the ushers when it is completed.

Fourthly, we are a traditional church with traditional values, but we want you to know that we love you and we would like you to feel free to come as you are. We want nothing to hinder people from coming freely to hear the good Word of God.

Fifthly, one thing that people keep telling us is that they find it difficult to be in a church where there is nothing for their children because they just find it too difficult to concentrate on the sermon. Gospel Baptist Church addresses that concern by making a crèche available for all services. We have trained workers to take care of your children that are too young to be able to sit through a church service so that you can relax and take in what God has to personally say to you from His Word.

Finally, we believe the Bible is very practical and it definitely applies to our lives in the 21st Century. You will find the sermons and teaching very helpful in dealing with areas in your life as the Bible covers every issue we have to deal with on a daily basis.


If you need additional information, contact us.