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Community Connections

Local Community

Our local community is very important to us at Gospel Baptist Church, For this reason, we like to take every opportunity to reach out to our community with the love of Christ, while fulfilling the Biblical role of a church in Lucan village.

The following are ways that we involve ourselves in our community:

  • Weekly visits
  • Nursing home
  • Seasonal programmes
  • Holiday Bible Club
  • Local events
  • Recognition of community efforts


Weekly Visits


On week nights or Saturday mornings, members of Gospel Baptist Church try to make visits on people in the communities of Lucan. The purpose of the visit is to make ourselves available to meet the spiritual needs of people in our community. Our greatest desire is to help people to have a personal relationship with the Lord God of Heaven who created them, loves them and died for them.


If there is any way we can serve you in this area, please feel free to contact us.


Nursing home


Gospel Baptist Church takes the opportunity to visit a nursing home at least once a year at Christmas time. We believe that Christmas is a season for giving, as it marks the time when God gave His Son into this world to eventually die on a cruel cross, so that He could rise again to save us from our sins. By singing Christmas carols in nursing homes, we can give back to those who served their country for many years.


Seasonal Programmes


Christmas time is a wonderful time to remember the birth of the Lord Jesus Christ into this world. During this season, Gospel Baptist Church usually has a Christmas play on a Sunday evening. For this special occasion, we make a concerted effort to invite members of the community to come and remember with us the reason why a Saviour was born.


Holiday Bible Club


For many years, Gospel Baptist Church has hosted a Holiday Bible Club, which is normally held at the Lucan Youth Centre in the village. Children from all over the community are invited to a week of fun, games, Bible stories and other activities. It is one of the highlights of the year for our children.

Local Events


Lucan has quite an active community and likes to celebrate events like St. Patrick’s Day with festivity. Since it is important for us to be active in our community, Gospel Baptist Church always makes the effort to be involved. To warm the body and soul on a usually cold day, we have begun a tradition of providing free tea, coffee and biscuits to members of the community who make the effort to brave the cold that they may enjoy the local parade. In keeping with the spirit of who the real St. Patrick was, we also pass out pamphlets.


Recognition of Community Efforts


Gospel Baptist Church believes the Scriptural admonition to render honour to whom honour is due (Romans 13:7). In the past, we have taken the opportunity to honour members of the community whether they be civil servants or just people who sacrificially serve their village.