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Bible Studies

open_bible_modifiedWe believe that the Bible is the central book in the universe. We further believe that it is a book from Heaven, penned by men, breathed upon by the Holy Spirit and completely inspired so that there are no errors in it whatsoever. Please see our statement of faith for more about our beliefs.


If the Bible is that important to God, it has to be important to us at Gospel Baptist Church. It is, and it is central to everything we do. We would like to help you in any way we can concerning understanding the Word of God. Depending upon what you need, we would be glad to offer:


  • A free portion of the Bible
  • Home Bible studies
  • Sunday Bible Studies for all ages (Sunday School)
  • Bible Institute


A Free Portion of the Bible


At your request, we would be glad to send you a free copy of the Gospel of John and book of Romans. These two books from the New Testament of our Bible clearly explain how our sins may be forgiven, through faith in the shed blood of our Lord Jesus Christ. Simply contact us with your details.

Home Bible Studies


For those who would rather a one-on-one Bible study in their homes, we also are glad to visit you. We have several courses that we offer. Please contact us with your details.

Sunday Bible Studies for All Ages (Sunday School)


Sunday School is essentially an interactive group Bible studies for all ages. One of the concerns parents often vocalise is that churches have nothing to offer their children. Gospel Baptist Church makes a concerted effort to address this concern, by offering Bible classes to all ages on Sundays at 10:30AM, one hour before the morning worship service.

2-5’s: There is a dedicated class to this age group whereby they learn basic Bible stories and begin to develop basic Christian disciplines, supporting the work being done by parents at home.

5-11’s: This interactive class gives children a good working knowledge of the most common Bible accounts, and teaches them core Bible values. The children learn the importance of: obedience to parents and all authority, loving the Lord with all of their hearts, giving their lives to God, and the blessing that followsv those who do.

12-17’s: The class helps teenagers deal with their struggles by using clear Biblical principles. It helps them to learn not to give in to peer pressure but rather develop godly character so that they can work through those difficult years with their parents and their God rather than doing what most say they have to do – rebel.

Adults: The adult class is also interactive. Bible teaching in this environment is very practical and immediately applicable to daily life. Time is given for questions and there is a healthy environment where Christian growth may be nurtured.


Bible Institute


For those who are seeking advanced Bible teaching, and who meet the criteria, Bible Institute training is provided. Bible courses are offered on various subjects, and training is offered from certificate level, all the way up to PhD.